TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

TERMS provides excellent management functionality for courses and provision. All stages of the life cycle can be tracked starting with the initial planning phase, where the potential viability of a course proposal can be assessed. The planning process for viable courses comes next, where the details such as tutors, rooms, prices, etc. are filled in. When the planning phase has been completed marketing and publicity can be generated from the information within TERMS. Once live with the day-to-day course administration taking over e.g. attendance, late registrations, withdrawals, etc. through to the final close down where the course can be assessed and the recorded information used to feed future course planning. Finally, for funded courses, destination and progression data can be recorded and fed through to ILR surveys.

Once the timetable exists and a funded learning aim attached the planning dashboard can start to show predicted funding income; a summary of predicted and actual income can also be viewed in the details for the course.

You have full control over Course and Provision information. The system contains a simple method of copying and generating courses, including full timetables, as well as allowing for complete analysis and control.

  • Details, descriptions, notes, venue and location, information sheets, user controlled fees, supplemental charges and discounts
  • Full room booking facility can be used to ensure that rooms never become double-booked
  • Staff and tutor details, including contract information, if required, that can also be applied to individual lessons
  • Short, long or multi-year in length and with multiple enrolment points if required, for example, allowing one enrolment per term for a multi-term activity


Courses Representation


  • Enrolment and Registration history
  • Web searching, listing and details
  • CRMS discussions, topics, threads, documents and emails
  • Registers and Attendance
  • Facility, Venue and Resource Tracking
  • Classification and analysis options