Global Desktop

TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

The Global Hosted Systems are designed to provide for efficient application and data hosting whilst retaining strong security layers to protect data and information.

  • SQL Server protected and closed to the outside world
  • Secure Application Servers
  • Load Balancing
  • Direct Secure Client Access
  • TERMS Evolution Application Security
  • PEN tested Public Web Interface

Global desktop Representation


Our Global Desktop is a server-based computing platform that can, among other things, provide two-tier, client–server applications with many of the benefits of a three-tier architecture, or cloud computing (server-based computing). Users can connect to applications remotely from offices, homes, from the road, or anywhere Internet or dial-up connectivity is available. Applications are installed on our central servers but look and feel like the natively-run, locally installed application. Users log onto our servers and have secure access to all the applications and data they use for work, including office productivity suites, management applications, and third-party software.

Your MIS and Windows applications reside on a secure central system. Local and remote users running UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and any mobile device simply connect using the Web Portal on any web browser or via the native client. The applications then appear on your device just as if they were running locally and thanks to our high-performance client, you have fast and efficient access.

Windows Applications Access Made Easy.

  • Provides instant access to Windows applications from any device or platform
  • Maintains 100% of the application’s features, functions and branding
  • Eliminates the need for RDS or a Citrix Server
  • Publishes or Web-enables Windows applications
  • Fully integrated server platform and infrastructure
  • Reduces costs, improves security, and simplifies licensing