TERMS Evolution Standard

A fully feature rich MIS product for smaller users. Using an adaptable data platform this product is one system for many solutions. This is due to it being uniquely intuitive, adaptable and fully featured. To quote one customer - "An excellent product with excellent support".

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Core Features

full and comprehensive enrolment system that is simple in its use. A trained operator can complete full enrolment of a new learner through to payment receipt in less than two minutes.

Courses and Curriculum
You have full control over Course and Curriculum information, including planning. The system contains a simple method of copying and generating courses, including full timetables, as well as allowing for complete analysis and control.

Full tracking of Learner details is standard within TERMS Evolution. In addition the system will maintain current and historic details of all Learner activity, providing for reporting and trend analysis.

Web Courses
An integrated web front end system intended for course searching and detailed information, with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel analysis.

Room and Facility Booking
A flexible and powerful module that can be used on its own as well as being optionally integrated into the rest of the system. This gives control over any asset that needs to be reserved for a period of time – rooms, equipment, catering, etc. – including the ability to run full conferences.

The most complete security system available in the market, but delivered in such a way that it does not interfere with system use. With data protection issues being a continuing concern, you cannot afford to run an “open” system.

Funding and Statistics
Offering one of the most in depth and competitive funding modules available that will power your complete funding requirements, whilst retaining historic information for reference and analysis. With the additional Global features, statistics, analysis and reporting can be performed on any funding data or available combination.

As the basis for all users, a good Learner system is vital to the successful running of a modern MIS System. You are not limited on the number or nature of Learners, year by year or by license, rather all of your Learners are maintained for full use and analysis.

Staff and Tutors
Staff and Tutors can be simply recorded against Courses, Exams and other Activities and the full power of the Contract and Pay Processing system can be used.

Accounting and Finance
A complete financial accounting package that will allow you to fully control and report upon all of your financial transactions. You can either use this as your prime accounting package or as a feed, or verification, for your main accounts.

Reporting and Analysis
Reporting and analysis is the resultant need of both management and administration. All versions come with a complete suite of reporting and analysis tools with a report designer available in the Global version.