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Ofsted Support Service

Ofsted inspections are very stressful; Inspectors require quick and accurate data analysis and an understanding of the data being presented to them. Can you rely on your MIS reporting and analysis or data exports manipulated in spreadsheets? We can help you to analyse and report on your data in the short time leading up to your inspection and during the inspection itself.

Introducing our Ofsted Support Service

The concept is very simple:

  • Register with us and tell us as soon as you get notification of an inspection
  • You will get a dedicated support number for direct contact with a specialist
  • Upload your ILR and supporting data to our hosted service
  • Access all of your data through our analysis tools and reports
  • We will directly query and drill into your data to give you quick responses to Ofsted requests
  • Queries can often be answered live, with reports and data delivered directly to you
  • At the end of the inspection your data is securely erased from our systems

It is like having a data specialist onsite

Ofsted Support Representation