TERMS Hosted Solution

TERMS Hosting Option

Why host with us?

We give you access to your MIS, VLE, documents, files and programs wherever you have an internet connection. No more having to carry your funding and provision information on a laptop or leaving it in the office overnight. Hosting with West March Systems helps you keep your IT overheads low, and lower still when you expand or change locations as there’s no need to purchase expensive equipment for staff.

  • Full TERMS MIS
  • Online Enrolments and Courses
  • Online Course Registers
  • Moodle VLE
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Back-office desktop and software
  • Domain Name and Security Certificate
  • WordPress Web Content Management System
  • Email Services

We use a patented connection system solution that gives you access to your system using advanced encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. Your dedicated hosted solution is tailored to meet your requirements with professional support for your MIS

You are in control

You are in complete control of your applications, programs and data. It is your decision on who may have access to your hosted systems.

We will not access your systems unless under your specific instructions to do so and our staff are registered for data protection and policies.

We use patented solution to give you access to your back office systems that uses advanced encryption to secure the link between your device and your systems. Access all your systems applications from any office, location, tablet or Smartphone.

We also ensure that your valuable data and applications are safely backed up on a consistent and regular basis. Because none of your data or applications need to be installed locally your risks are lowered – if your office is broken into and your equipment stolen you won’t lose any data. Replace your equipment and re-connect and you are back up and running!

We are there to support you!


You don’t have to spend time worrying about networks and computer infrastructure, or what your hardware requirements are – we will do that for you.

Based on your requirements we will set you up with access to your applications and data on a server dedicated to you.

We will support you directly on your TERMS MIS.