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Building an ILR Return Image

Building an ILR Return

This course will take you through building an ILR Survey within TERMS, exporting it to the FIS for validation and re-importing the funding values calculated by the FIS.

Making reports

Creating a Report

This course will take you through the basics of creating an Enterprise Report within TERMS

CRM Feature Image

CRM Feature

This is a brief overview of the CRM feature within TERMS.

Moodle Logo

Getting Started with Moodle

This courses is a simple introduction to some of the common things that people struggle with within Moodle

Getting Started with TERMS image

Getting Started with TERMS

This course is a quick start for using TERMS. It is intended for new users to the system.

Introduction to Web Surveys

Getting Started with Web Surveys

This course will take you through the basics of creating a web survey, attaching it to a course and processing the responses.

First Steps Into Security

Introduction to Security

This course will take you through setting up essential security with the TERMS MIS.

Welcoming to Web Features

Introduction to Web Features

This is an overview of the web features that are available to the public as well as staff and tutors.

Learners Progression image

Learner Progression

This is an overview of the Learner Progression analysis option within TERMS.

Maintaining User and Security Profiles Image

Maintaining Users and Security Profiles

This course will help with the maintenance of users within TERMS and the configuration of their security profiles.

Combining ILR Surveys

Merging ILR Surveys

How to import and merge two of more ILRs together into a single Survey for ILR export.

Powering Web Courses Image

Powering Web Courses

Using the options within TERMS to get the best results on your web courses. From information only to full enrolment with PIN numbers, hybrid provision and more options under your control.

Uploading Info

Proof Uploading

This course will take you through defining the types of proofs you wish to collect, the process for recoding and uploading proofs within TERMS and by learners via the web. Finally how to reject and verify proofs.

Registration Triggers Image

Registration Triggers

Registration Triggers allow for emails to be automatically sent to learners when they register based upon user defined criteria. This allows for lots of different forms of emails, e.g. employability, accessibility, additional curriculum details, etc.

Target Goals

Study Aim Targets

This is an introduction to Study Aim targets and how to update them. Study Aim targets allow for the recording and tracking of targets for the delivery of funded provision.

TERMS User Maintenance Image

TERMS User Maintenance

How to add, remove and update users of the TERMS MIS system with access levels and logon security.

Sending Info To Moodle

Transferring data to Moodle

This lesson will show how data can be exported from TERMS for import into Moodle

Tutor Recorded Qualification image

Tutor Recorded Qualifications

This lesson will show how individual courses can be configured within TERMS to allow the Tutor to record results online. 

Downloading and Uploading Files

Uploading and Downloading Files

This short course will show you have to upload and download files to the Hosted TERMS systems.

Progression Screens

Using Progression Screens

This course is an overview of the progression analysis features within TERMS, with year on year progression under different criteria

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