TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

Supporting all of the data capture and analysis features of TERMS is a CRMS module that turns the system into a complete Customer Relationship Management System.

Threads allow discussions/detailed notes to be recorded e.g. the learner has complained about something. A thread allows the complaint to be tracked, and passed to relevant users within the system for comments/actions.

  • Documents can be recorded/stored against threads
  • There is no limit to the number of threads that can be recorded against a learner
  • Threads can have a priority and status attached to them
  • They can also be assigned to individuals or groups of users and can have security attached to them so only certain users are aware they exist
  • Threads assigned to a user will appear on their notice board, visible when they first log into TERMS
  • Threads can also be recorded against enrolments, venues, courses, staff; As with People Threads there is no limit to the number of threads recorded against any of these things


Threads Representation


  • Task tracking and management
  • User notice board and notifications
  • Data attachment
  • Full security and reporting
  • Forum style threads and discussions