TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

It is essential to protect sensitive data and information with powerful security and TERMS provides advanced options and features. The system provides both enforced and System Administration security control.

In addition to domain, system and network security, TERMS provides five controllable components that interlock to provide security:

Users. Each user you wish to access the system should have a unique logon name where you can control which parts of Evolution they can access (Security Profile), when/if they can change passwords, as well as the Sites and Workstations they can access.

  • Sites. A discrete dataset within TERMS with its own complete dataset
  • Workstations. Each Access Licence will generate one Workstation record, allowing you to control which Sites the Workstation has access to and which Users can access it
  • Security Profiles. These control which parts of TERMS a User is allowed access to with full logging options
  • Security Categories. These are user defined and are attached to data within TERMS, controlling the data which different Users can see and interact with


Security Representation


  • Multiple security layers
  • Encrypted passwords and enforced strengths
  • System action and security logging
  • Allowed access location and time controls
  • Logon retry limits