TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

Full tracking of Learner details is standard within TERMS Evolution. In addition the system will maintain current and historic details of all Learner activity, providing for reporting and trend analysis.

As the basis for all users, a good Learner system is vital to the successful running of a modern MIS System. You are not limited on the number or nature of Learners, year by year or by licence, rather all of your Learners are maintained for full use and analysis.


Leaners Representation

  • Full Learner details, including notes, categories and additional data, enrolment and exam-entry history, accounts, debt tracking and receipts
  • De-duplication and post code interface
  • Options for membership schemes, external qualifications, personal bookings, and more
  • Both management and administrative reporting and analysis


  • Enrolment and Registration history
  • Results, achievement, EDI
  • CRMS discussions, topics, threads, documents and emails
  • Continuous history over multiple years
  • Full receipt and payment tracking