TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

Personal education planning and tracking is an important aspect within the modern sector and TERMS comes with a full suite of features to capture a Learner’s education through Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Trailblazers.

The Framework Module brings together Activities and Registrations to present them in a combined Framework form that consists of a Programme Aim and one or more Component Registrations. Component Registrations will lead to Component Aims within the funding builds of TERMS.

Frameworks are defined via Registrations and the Programme Type and Framework Code are used to automatically identify which Components belong to a particular Programme Aim.

The Apprenticeship model fits into the Framework Module consisting of a Main Aim with Component Aims and can be used for all apprenticeship administration.

As a general rule an Apprenticeship usually consists of:

  • An NVQ in the area of apprenticeship e.g. NVQ in accounting for an accounting apprenticeship
  • One or more Key Skills (e.g. Maths or English) at a level dependent on the type of apprenticeship – level 2 Maths for a level 2 apprenticeship
  • Possibly a Technical Certificate depending on the type of apprenticeship being done




  • Employer and Employee tracking
  • Offers to Employers
  • CRMS discussions, topics, threads, documents and emails
  • Group contact
  • Personal Timetables and Assessments
  • Assessors and Tutors