TERMS Cloud Hosted Solution

TERMS Locally Hosted Solution

The accounting system within TERMS is transactional and based around a Two-tier structure to match Cost Centre/Nominal, In-Code/Out-Code, or Subjective/Objective code style accounts structures used by external accounting systems such as SAP or ORACLE. Transactions can be reconciled with an external accounting system (may require a small amount of development for a specific system). Multiple Tills can be defined with each having its own list of allowed payment methods and these can be independently reconciled for audit and banking. The payment methods can be linked to external web payment systems.

For staff, pay processing and contracting, with pay run history, can be used with recorded attendance from the day-to-day course administration used to inform the amounts that individual staff are entitled. The attendance with the administration side is locked once a pay run has been processed.

Petty cash can also be tracked along with Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers as would be expected. Sales Invoices and Orders, and Purchase Orders and Invoicing can also be tracked, with full authorisations. Full Journaling is included and the module will handle part-payments, refunds, purchase and credits, VAT Control, etc.

A complete financial Accounts package that will allow you to fully control and report upon all of your financial transactions. You can either use this as your prime accounting package or as a feeder to, or verification of, for your main accounts.