We’ve Created a New Quick Start Guide

We have recently created a ‘Quick Start Guide’ to help all of our existing, new and potential customers understand the basics of TERMS and some of its features.

Through this easy step by step guide you can learn about some of the basic features of the Activities Menu, People Menu and the Reporting function which exists in TERMS.

The features included in this guide are instructions on how to:

  • Create a course
  • Create a person
  • Enrol a person onto a course
  • Pay for a course and how to take payments
  • Produce a quick report such as a register
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You can learn how to create a course on the Activities Menu, using the Activity Wizard. This feature allows you to include the course category, add sessions to your course, the start date, time, and duration, number of weeks you wish the course to run for, the maximum and target number of places, and a basic charge for the course.

Learn how to create a person on the People Menu, using the People Wizard. This feature allows you to add basic details such as name, address, contact details and contact preferences (e-mail, telephone, SMS or Post).

Enrol a person onto a course by searching for and selecting the relevant learner, and then using the Register button on the People Menu. This will take you to the Evolution Quick Registration Wizard. This feature allows you to search for the course, and select the relevant programme for registration. When selecting a programme you will be able to see details of the course including start time, duration, and how many spaces are left for the course. Multiple programmes can be registered to the learner at once using the “Toggle Line” function.

Make a payment for a learner using the Payments button. This feature allows you see the current payments due for the learner and if there is an outstanding balance. You can then select the method of payment (cash, cheque etc.) and process this. There is also the option to print a statement, and to email the learner a receipt. This feature also allows for partial payments.

Produce a quick report such as a register by using the Reporting function. This can be found on the Activities Menu. This feature also allows you print the report, or choose the select few pages which you wish to print.

The Quick Start Guide will help you be on your way to be a TERMS expert!

Sarah Gardiner

Posted in TERMS.