TERMS Hosting Demonstration

Enrol Now Online Courses

Learner enrolment, search and detail enquiry with secure accounts, Learning Agreements, payments and receipts.

Online Tutors Tutors Online

Secure registers with full user-defined attendance recording and tracking for both tutors and learners. Powers pay claims and provides learner information, retention and attendance statistics.

WMS Global Desktop Global Desktop

The Global Hosted Systems are designed to provide for a wide range of application and data hosting whilst retaining strong security layers to protect data and information.

TERMS Reports and Analysis Reports and Analysis

A complete data analysis system that allows users to manipulate information stored within the systems and generate their own designs and specifications for data analysis.

WordPress Sites WordPress

A Content Management System designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website with powerful add-on features and resources.

Web Reports diagram
Web Reports

Publish the reporting and analysis reports directly to the web with an easy to use interface. Designed for quick access and management staff.

Education Hosting Examples

Online Course Enrolment

ACL Essex

Ealing Adult Learning