December TERMS Developments:

Work has begun on two big tasks for TERMS Q417.

The first is changing to use the latest ONSPD data (November 2017) – as the ONSPD data changes over the year we have to identify what has changed and adjust the TERMS ONSPD import to match. As there are over 2.6 million post codes to process we will also be experimenting with ways to improve the speed of the import process for users.

The second is reverse engineering the FIS Access database funding values for importing back into TERMS. As the ESFA changed the FIS Access database tables this year a lot of suppliers and providers were caught out, and although the ESFA promised to put the Access database back to the way it was for the R04 this was too late for us to get the Funding Import (and FISUtil) in TERMS for Q317.

There may be changes coming up next year where the FIS is actually hosted by the ESFA which will again cause us development work to cater as best we can for funding imports into TERMS.

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