TERMS Evolution “The most comprehensive MIS available to the adult education sector today”

Bring your entire provision together on a single hosted platform, supported by powerful business and education tools or host our MIS solution yourself. Give power to your Learners and Tutors through our web options.


Taking the full power of the TERMS Evolution system onto the hosted internet, whilst maintaining the most secure system available within this sector. Total freedom of access for your users and managers whilst maintaining total control of your data. This option gives you the most secure high-performance MIS available on the internet or any intranet.

A fully feature rich MIS product for smaller users. Using an adaptable data platform this product is one system for many solutions. This is due to it being uniquely intuitive, adaptable and fully featured. To quote one customer - "An excellent product with excellent support".

If you only require funding, statistics and analysis then this version is for you. Import, merge and export ILRs. Keep multiple ILRs within the system for analysis and export those that you wish to pass up to the portal. Also included are Ofsted analysis tools, such as year to year progression.

TERMS Evolution "The most comprehensive MIS available today"


A fully feature rich MIS product, that is professional, powerful and proven. Using an adaptable data platform this product is one system for many solutions

TERMS Evolution Live web enrolments

Online Enrolments

Learner enrolment, search and detail enquiry with secure accounts, Learning Agreements, payments and receipts.


Lets tutors record class attendance for TERMS Evolution via the web

Online Registers

Secure registers with full user-defined attendance recording and tracking for both tutors and learners. Powers pay claims and provides learner information, retention and attendance statistics.

TERMS Evolution Statistical and KPI reporting


A complete data analysis system that allows users to manipulate information stored within the systems and generate their own designs and specifications for data analysis.

Online Virtual Learning Environment for TERMS Evolution


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

Online Content Management for TERMS Evolution


A Content Management System designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website with powerful add-on features and resources.

TERMS Evolution support for Office for Standards in Education


Ofsted inspections are very stressful and require quick and accurate data analysis. We can help with this analysis on the lead up to your Ofsted inspection and during the inspection itself.

TERMS Evolution Online desktop and application hosting

Global Desktop

The Global Hosted Systems are designed to provide for a wide range of application and data hosting whilst retaining strong security layers to protect data and information.